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About Us

Rock out with DeadRock

It's a celebration of passion, a way to express yourself to the masses, and an opportunity to let your soul shine through in every thumping bass line and echoing chord.

Centuries of creativity, art and heritage is what makes everyday songs into timeless anthems that withstand the evolution of generations and the changing trends of the industry.

Why shouldn't the same incredible attention to detail that crafted your favourite ballads also go into the accessories that you wear every day?

This Is Our Anthem

At DeadRock, we believe in creating jewellery with soul.

We're accessory artisans dedicated to creating high-quality pieces for the modern man looking to make a statement with what he wears. Unique and compelling, each of our meticulously designed bracelets is made to highlight your personal character and inner rock legend.

We created DeadRock because we believed that today's music lovers, artists and groups should have a way to show their style.

Our pieces are just at home as part of your everyday outfit as they are when used as part of your exclusive stage image.

Wherever your music takes you, DeadRock will be there.


Amplify Your Look

From formal occasions to heart-pounding gigs, DeadRock jewellery looks good in any occasion. Made with the highest-quality materials, each piece is ready to withstand the pressures of a rock-and-roll lifestyle, without asking you to compromise on style.

Crafted in the heart of the UK, this kind of jewellery defines your style just like an epic piece of punk rock ink, or a Harley Davidson motorbike. We're the brand you'd see around the wrists of fans rocking out to Iron Maiden, and Guns n' Roses, and we're proud to offer something different to that average guy style.

DeadRock jewellery is here to help you stand up and stand out. We're challenging the status quo with bold colours, imaginative designs, and darker themes, to bring you a kind of high-octane accessory the likes of which the world has never seen.

Forget the rules, the posers and the boring old-fashioned jewellery of yesterday.

Be part of the rock and roll revolution.

Be an outlaw. Be a legend. Be you.